Can freedom of speech be a problem?

By Olly & Jay

There has been a bit of debate at the moment about whether freedom of speech can be a bad idea. Recently, there have been many issues about freedom speech all over the world. Many have come in the past couple of weeks.

Starting with the story in New Zealand, where Willy Moon and Natalia Kills were seen as bullying contestant Joe Irvine. Joe sang ‘Cry me a river’ when Natalia hit out. She said that he made her feel sick and that she never wanted to be there. A couple of days later, they were both sacked from the show. Ed Sheeran, Ellie Goulding and Lorde all had views on it. Ed Sheeran said “don’t worry about anyone else, enjoy yourself with it, that’s what music is about, not what other people think.

Footballer Carlton Cole was fined last week £20,000 for an abusive comment he made towards a Tottenham fan on twitter. Someone said something that probably offended him, but what he replied with was unacceptable. He then later deleted the shocking comment. So, these people are famous. Does this give them a disadvantage for having a freedom of speech? You could say that he shouldn’t have said it anyway but many have said they would have reacted the same way.

So we asked many people around the school, asking them about what they thought. We talked to Sixth Former Will Lewis. He said “Freedom of speech is like an illusion, it can be good or bad. It is very hard to take control of.” Also Mr Day said “I don’t like to see bad freedom of speech, I like to see good things happen.  This way people know what’s going on.” We showed Mr Rollason the shocking video of the x factor judges in New Zealand: Willy moon and Natalia kills. His response to the video was “I can’t believe they actually said that. All they had to do was give constructive feedback, not humiliating poor Joe Irvine. I don’t mind freedom of speech, it’s just whether it harms people or not.”

We then asked some students what they thought about Freedom of Speech. Jess Sykes said “Everyone should have a right to talk but if they are going to offend people, then they should just stop.” Ronan Austin’s thoughts were “You can have the freedom to talk, but if you step out of line, you may face the consequences of people judging you.” We the asked Thomas Mccroberts about what he thought. He thought that it is a very good idea because everyone gets a say of what they wish and believe.

So overall, after all of our team’s comments, we should think that it is mostly a good thing, but if you say something that may be offending, you will have to face the consequences. We saw this with Natalia Kills and Willy Moon losing their jobs for bullying joe Irvine and Carlton Cole for sending abusive comments on twitter.

This has been Olly and Jay reporting on freedom of speech,

Thank you.