World Book Day 2019

World book day is on Thursday 7th March and is celebrated in over 100 different countries.  This is a national event that happens every year to congratulate many well-known authors.

Many schools take part in this occasion by dressing up as their favourite characters from different books. Schools around the UK give out £1 book tokens for children to pick a book of their choice.


 David Walliams books are very popular for children around the world:

·      World’s worst children 1,2,3

·      Gangster Granny

·      Midnight Gang


Roahl Dahl books:

·      BFG

·      Georges marvellous medicine

·      The twits


Purpose of World book day

World Book Day is a charity on a mission to give every child and young person a book of their own.

The reason for this is to encourage children to read more and to discover more knowledge and information. Also, to improve their education, especially reading and English Lessons. These days, a lot of children are mainly on their phones and technology instead of paying attention to their education! 


What teachers say about World Book Day


Mr Carmichael said “Far too many people don’t read enough books, instead they look at their phone screens and don’t gain enough knowledge!”

Miss Morley said “World book day is good for children to get encouraged to read books, All Saints should not dress up but they should do more about books.”

Mrs Austin said “It raises people’s awareness of books I also think that books are important. I do also enjoy dressing up.”

Miss Baynham Williams said “I think that teachers should dress up as characters as well as children. If I was to dress up I would be Luna Lovegood from harry potter because she’s brave, bold and brilliant.”

Ms Jones (librarian):

Who would you like to dress up as?

“I would dress up as Gangster Granny.”

“I feel that more people go on their phones than read”

-We think this needs to change.

“I don’t think everyone reads enough!”

Do you think lots of people go in the library?

“Yes, a few students read in the library.” 


Make sure that this World Book Day you read your favourite book and dress up as your favourite character if your school is participating in this event.

Remember that the reason for World Book Day is to give a good education to children around the world and encourage more children to discover new books and read more frequently. 

What book will you read this year? Remember how important it is to read as it will improve your reading and you writing skills.




Written by-

Dylan, Kaci, Emily and Lucy