January PruGoals Blog


Setting off from Cheltenham in the dark one rainy January morning to travel to Bristol, we were met by lots of excited students and teachers, all with questions, worries, hopes, ideas, all slightly apprehensive of what was to come. 

Picture1A 46 mile bike ride around London. 8 months to prepare. Lots of work to be done, questions to be asked, information to gather and training to do. But where do we start? The first meeting in Bristol was a brilliant introduction into the PruGOals programme.  We have been selected to take part! But before we can get on our bikes we needed to engage in some learning, not only about bike safety but about ourselves.

Ambition can be defined as a strong desire to do or achieve something.  We had to participate in small group work and role play exercises to come up with our own definition.

By identifying our own ambitions for the ride we were able to set SMART goals. Some of the ambitions we talked about were to get fitter, to devise and follow a training plan, to motivate others, and most importantly to finish well and enjoy it.

One of the main factors in achieving this is attitude.  Attitude ties in well with ambition because a good attitude will help you to achieve your ambition. Determined, focussed, having a goal in mind, being your own hero – all ideas of how to define a positive attitude. 

Now that we have the right positive mental attitude andPicture2 have set our goals it was then time to think about Smart goals. Smart goals are defined as Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Realistic, Time Bound. We were all able to have a think about the goals we are aiming for, and to apply the smart goals rule to them. 

So what do we need to succeed, not only in this challenge but in life generally? Some of the group work we did identified skills we felt were most important; dedication, commitment, resilience, focus, organisation, support, attitude.

Then came the bikes – all shiny and new and neatly lined up with our names on.  We were able to have a quick ride around the stadium and get a feel for them. 

A very productive day that taught us a lot and started us on our journey.