Transition Course


At All Saints’ Academy we recognise that some students do not achieve grade 4 in English and Maths. 

Many of these students wish to continue their education in a Sixth Form, but many schools and colleges are reluctant to admit students or allow them to take Level 3 courses. We do things differently at All Saints’ Academy. 

All students have an interview where they can explain why they want to study their chosen subjects. If you have only just missed out on a grade 4 in English or Maths, we timetable resit lessons to attain a grade 4 in that subject. The student is also allowed to study Level 3 courses (A Levels and BTECs) that will help them achieve their goals. 

Some students at the end of Year 11 fail to achieve grades 4 in English and Maths. Level 3 courses are often difficult for students to achieve easily without these basic skills. For these students we are offering a Level 2 Transition Course. 


What is included:

Lessons for English and Maths GCSE will be timetabled for about 20% of a student’s week. This will allow students to study these subjects in a fresh way that enables success. These two core subjects will be combined with other Level 2 BTEC and GCSE (or equivalent) courses that are new to the student. 

We have included a Work Skills qualification that involves practical experience in the important areas of searching for a job, applying for a job, interview skills and money management. Students will visit careers exhibitions and work with local employers to enable them to be fully prepared for employment. 

Employment in our region of England specialises in the retail and service industries, and because of this have chosen courses in Retail and Business Preparation. These courses will provide our students with a qualification respected by all employers, and also the skills and knowledge employers now find desirable. We are also including a GCSE IT qualification in order to equip our students with the technology skills that will help them be successful in education and the work place. 

We will try to be flexible to include courses that meet the needs of these students. 

Our expectation is that students on this course will achieve grade 4s (or equivalent) in all their subjects during Year 12 and then be able to take Level 3 courses the next year at All Saints’ Academy.