Politics is a living, breathing subject. A Level Politics offers students a varied insight into how the government works in the UK specifically, but also in other countries such as America. The study of politics allows students to understand contemporary political structures and issues within their historical context.

Studying politics gives students the opportunity to discover their own political beliefs and to see in much greater detail the benefits and disadvantages of the vast array of political ideologies that are present in the world today. Being able to express what you believe accurately and concisely is extremely useful, and forces you to really look at yourself!

The study of politics at A Level is excellent preparation for degrees such as Politics and other related subjects such as History, Law and International Relations. The skills that are acquired on this course are also extremely useful in a number of employment fields.

Course Outline

This two year course covers three units. These units cover the study of UK politics, UK government, US politics and global politics.


The A Level is assessed after two years by three, two hour long exams, all with equal weighting.


Grade 6 or above in English