Music Technology A Level

With Edexcel A Level Music Technology, there are three areas of study which underpin the whole course encouraging breadth and depth of knowledge and understanding. They also provide the context for the students’ practical and theoretical work.

Area of study 1: Recording and Production Techniques for both Corrective and Creative Purposes

Area of study 2: Principles of Sound and Audio Technology

Area of study 3: The Development of Recording and Production Technology


2 pieces of externally assessed coursework (40% of the A Level) comprising:

  • Multi-track recording of 7 instruments from a choice of 10 different artists
  • Composition using Music Technology

2 exams (60% of the A Level) comprising:

  • Listening and analysing exam
  • Practical and written exam involving analysing and producing


The music department runs regular trips to see live music and musical theatre events. Recent trips have included 2 visits to Symphony Hall in Birmingham to hear “The Piano Guys” and Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, an opportunity to watch a final dress rehearsal of “Fiddler on the Roof” and to see “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” in the West End. Future trips are planned to see the Opera “Madame Butterfly” in 2022.

Future Possibilities

The skills developed through the study of music are also useful in a wide range of careers. These include analytical ability, confidence, listening and presentation skills. Examples of the paths taken by some former students include studying musical performance at BIMM, studying media at university and securing an apprenticeship at a large recording studio in Hamburg.