Fine Art


The Art A Level course gives students who have creative flair and a passion to explore all aspect of Art the opportunity to develop their key artistic skills such as drawing and painting whilst experiencing new approaches and materials. Alongside the enhancement of practical skills it also enables students to develop their analytical and reflective ability. Students will be introduced to a wide variety of past and contemporary artists and art forms that will challenge their perceptions and encourage them to think ‘outside of the box’. 

“The creative industry is one of Britain’s fastest growing sectors. They employ more people in the UK than the financial sector or advanced manufacturing” 

Nigel Carrington, vice-chancellor, University of the Arts London. 

Careers include: University degree courses, advertising, graphic design, illustrators, artist, medical illustrator etc. 

Course Outline

The A Level course is a two year course. At the start of Year 12 students will experience workshops using a variety of materials and approaches. They will develop their confidence at producing multimedia and multi-layered work. The techniques will push them to come out of their ‘comfort zone’ and encourage them to become more open to exploring the vast range of possibilities that art presents. 

The students will then move on to their Personal Study unit. They will conduct a practical investigation into an idea, issue, concept or theme of their choice. Alongside their practical work students are required to submit written work. The written element must be a structured response of continuous prose of 3,000 words. This unit is worth 60% of the A Level grade. 

Externally set assignment. This exam unit involves students selecting one question from an externally set paper. They develop a body of work in response to their chosen question. To conclude the exam unit students produce a final piece/pieces within a fifteen hour exam. Unit 2 is 40% of the A Level grade. 


A Level units of work are assessed by the class teachers and then moderated by an external AQA moderator. 


Art GCSE grade 6