English Language & Literature


The English Language and Literature A Level is the ultimate ‘2 for 1’ A Level in that its programme of study is both a Science and an Art. You can become a Mechanic and a Poet; a total expert in the almighty language which is perhaps this country’s greatest gift to the world. By studying English Language and Literature, you’ll understand how linguistic engineering constructs literary beauty. The course is taught through interactive activities and students will have opportunities to complete their own research. You may want to know what causes back-channelling, or why our vowels shift. You may want to be a magical wordsmith. Whatever your particular interest, English Language and Literature offers something for everyone and nothing for no-one!

English can lead to specific careers in Journalism, Law, Publishing, Editing and Teaching as well providing a lead-in to almost any career pathway: an ex-student who took an English A-Level and degree now designs software packages. A good English A level really can help to make the world your oyster.

Course Outline

The AS is a one year course which comprises of two
units of work:

Unit 1 – Comparative Analysis and Creative Writing
Unit 2 – Drama and non-literary texts
The A-Level is a two year course which comprises of
four units of work:
Unit 1 – Poetry and Prose
Unit 2 – Drama
Unit 3 – Non-literary texts
Unit 4 – Critical and Creative Genre Study


The AS is assessed after one year with two written exams, each lasting 2 hours. Paper 1 is worth 40% of the final mark. There is no coursework. The A-Level is assessed after two years with three written exams, totalling 80% of the final mark and each lasting 2 hours. Unit 4 is coursework, and comprises a 3000 word essay, amounting to 20% of
the final mark.


Minimum of one grade 5 and one grade 6 in English (it does not matter which way around you get these within English).