Drama and Theatre Studies


The A Level specification in Drama and Theatre Studies is designed to develop and apply an informed, analytical framework for making, performing, interpreting and understanding drama and theatre. Students will develop an understanding and appreciation of how the social, cultural and historical contexts of performance texts have influenced the development of drama and theatre, with focus on theatre practices used in 21st-century theatre making. Students will experience the following: 

• A range of opportunities to create theatre, both published text-based and devised work 

• Participate as a theatre maker and as an audience member in live theatre 

• Develop and demonstrate a range of theatre-making skills 

• Develop the creativity and independence to become effective theatre makers 

• Analyse and evaluate their own work and the work of others. 

Course Outline


Component 1: 

Drama and Theatre (40% of the qualification) 

Written examination: 3 hours 

• Study of two set plays. 

• Evaluation of the work of live theatre makers 

Component 2: 

Creating original drama (practical) (30% of qualification) 

Working notebook (40 marks) 

Devised performance (20 marks) 

• Process of creating devised drama 

• Performance of devised drama influences by theatre practitioner. 

Component 3: 

Making theatre (practical) (30% of the qualification) 

Performance of extract 3 (40 marks - monologue or duologue) 

Reflective report (20 marks) 

• Practical exploration of three different extracts from three contrasting play texts 

•Extract 3 with chosen theatre practitioners work applied 

Reflective report, analysing and evaluating theatrical interpreting all three extracts. 



Component 1 

3 hour written exam split into 3 sections: 

Section A - Live Theatre review 

Section B - Exploration of Set Text A 

Section C - Exploration of Set Text B 

Component 2 

Practical exploration of a devised performance on a stimulus/ topic of your choice plus a supporting notebook. Component 2 final performance is assessed internally by teacher. 

Component 3 

Practical exemploration of three text extracts, supporting logbook for each process and externally assessed final performance of extract 3 along with a supporting practitioner. Extract 3 is assessed by an external AQA examiner. 


Grade 5 in English and grade 5 in GCSE Drama.