OCR Cambridge Technical Level 3 in Business (Vocational pathway)


Why should I take OCR Cambridge Technical in Business?

Studying OCR Cambridge Technical in Business is designed for both vocational and academic learners who wish to develop a career in Business. The course has been designed specifically to cater for both learners wishing to study Business at University and to equip students with the skills required for full time Apprenticeships and employment in the business industry.

Students will develop an understanding of how business are constructed and how areas of the business must coordinator together as part of  team, for example;  Human Resources, Marketing, Finance & Accounts, Economics, , Law, Business Management, Event Management and Sales.

Students are encouraged to work and operate like young professionals within a business setting and working environment. Learning is developed via class discussions, business guests, visits and business meetings. There will visits to local and national businesses including a trip to New York in Year 13.


Course information:

  • 66% Exam                       33% Coursework

(Year 12)

(Year 13)

Unit 1 – Investigating People at Work

(Exam) 66%

Unit 2 – Working in Business

(Exam) 33%

Unit 5 – Marketing

(Coursework) 33%

Unit 13 – The Event

(Coursework) 33%


Unit 4 – Customers and Communications

(coursework) 33%


What is this qualification worth?

OCR Cambridge Technical Level 3 in Business is equivalent to 1 X A level and achieves UCAS Points.



  • Vocational and academic University Business degrees.
  • Vocational and academic University Business degrees combined with subjects such as, Law, Psychology, Media, Engineering, English, Maths and languages.
  • Apprenticeships in Business
  • Full time employment in business – areas such as, Marketing, Sales, Finance, Customer Service, Events Management, Human Resources, Production, Administration and retail.


Entry Requirements:

  • Students with a Merit in Business for; NCFE or BTEC Level 2 or a C grade at GCSE Business.
  • Students who haven’t studied Business will require a C grade or above (Grade 4/5 or above) in both English / Maths.


  • New York        -     Capita / Zurich in Cleeve
  • PC World / Curry’s   -    Guest speakers