All Saints’ Academy uses biometric technology to register pupils so they can access our cashless catering, printing system and complete e-registration without the need to carry a swipe card.  Biometric information is safe, secure, easy to use and popular in many schools and Academy’s. An image of a fingerprint is taken and then converted into a mathematical algorithm.  The image is then discarded and only the numbers remain for identification.  The numbers cannot be converted back into a fingerprint image and cannot be used by any other source for identification purposes.  The vast majority of pupils at All Saints’ Academy are registered on our biometric system and children enjoy using the system.

At the start of each academic year we write to all parents of new pupils to let us know if they do not wish their child to be registered on our biometric system.  The law has now changed and, under the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 (sections 26 to 28), we are now required to obtain the written consent of at least one parent of every pupil in order for us to keep the biometric data we hold for current pupils.

Providing your consent/objecting

As stated above, in order to be able to use your child’s biometric information, the written consent of at least one parent is required. However, consent given by one parent will be overridden if the other parent objects in writing to the use of their child’s biometric information. Similarly, if your child objects to this, we cannot collect or their biometric information.

You can also object to the proposed processing of your child’s biometric information at a later stage or withdraw any consent you have previously given. This means that, if you give consent but later change your mind, you can withdraw this consent. Please note that any consent, withdrawal of consent or objection from a parent must be in writing to the:

Network Manager
All Saints’ Academy
Blaisdon Way
GL51 0WH


Even if you have consented, your child can object or refuse at any time to their biometric information being taken/used. Their objection does not need to be in writing. We would appreciate it if you could discuss this with your child and explain to them that they can object to this if they wish.

Swipe Cards

We introduced the biometric system for our cashless catering facility a number of years ago and it has proved to be very popular.  We elected for biometric technology rather than a conventional swipe card system for the following reasons:

  • Swipe cards can be lost, stolen, damaged or simply forgotten;
  • Lost or stolen swipe cards can be fraudulently used to access a Academy dinner money account;
  • There is a replacement charge of £5;

These reasons still hold true today and biometric technology remains our preferred choice.

A swipe card will be issued to any child for whom we do not receive consent to register on our biometric system.  It is vital therefore if you wish your child to remain on the biometric system that you sign and return the consent form.

Department for Education’s ‘Protection of Biometric Information of Children in Schools – Advice for proprietors, governing bodies, head teachers, principals and school staff’: