What are Academies?

There are two types of academy - traditional or sponsored academies of which All Saints' is one and Convertor Academies - schools that choose to become Academies without sponsors.

Academies are publicly funded independent schools that aim to provide a first class free education to local students of all abilities.  Sponsors from business, faith or voluntary groups, working with partners from the local community, establish them. Academies usually provide a teaching and learning environment that is in line with the best in the maintained sector and offer a broad and balanced curriculum to students of all abilities. Academies aim to ensure that every student receives an excellent education for all students, including the more able and those that require additional support. Academies play a key part in the regeneration of communities, raising standards through innovative approaches to management, governance, teaching and the curriculum.

How is an Academy different from other schools?

Academies raise standards by innovative approaches to management, governance, teaching and the curriculum, with facilities in line with the very best in the maintained sector.  Academies also have the flexibility to be creative with timetabling and organisation, for example in the length of the school day and school terms.

There is no charge for students to come to All Saints' Academy.