Faith and the Academy

Why is the Academy sponsored by the church?

The Clifton Catholic Diocese has been involved in Cheltenham secondary school education since the 60’s. The Church of England has, over the past decade begun to sponsor secondary schools as a natural progression from the primary sectors.  It was therefore appropriate that both the Clifton Catholic Diocese and the Anglican Gloucester Diocese joined together to sponsor All Saints’ Academy who provide a Christian education for the young people of Cheltenham.

The Churches have been involved in education for hundreds of years, long before the state provided any schools.  In Gloucestershire, almost half of all maintained schools are church schools.  The Churches are the single biggest sponsor of Academies in England.  Church schools have a very good track record and are generally popular with parents, students and the community.

How will Religious Education classes be taught?

As a joint Anglican and Catholic academy Religious Education is seen as a core subject and both dioceses require a specified amount of time on the timetable for RE. All students have 4 lessons of RE every 2 weeks and follow a Religious Education programme, approved by the two Bishops.

Students are given the opportunities to know, understand and question the beliefs, teachings and practices of the Anglican and Catholic traditions and of other world faiths. All students take GCSE Religious Studies and the sixth form are offered A-Level Philosophy and Ethics.

Collective worship

As required by the Dioceses and the Law, all students take part in a daily collective act of worship or an assembly. Every term there is an Anglican Eucharist and a Catholic Mass for those who wish to attend.  

Will people of other faiths and none be welcome?

Yes. In the spirit of Christianity, the Academy welcomes students and families of all faiths and none.