Welcome to All Saints' Academy

Our Academy opened in September 2011 and is a new-build Academy in Gloucestershire. We are a church Academy for the whole community, welcoming those of all faiths and none. 

Sponsored by the Anglican Diocese of Gloucester and Catholic Diocese of Clifton, both of which have a long history of involvement with education, the Academy offers 900 places for students aged 11-16 and 220 places for Sixth Form with academic & vocational courses for 16-19 year olds.

At the heart of All Saints’ Academy is the belief that Christ is at the centre of all we do and are. Rooted in His teaching, we seek to fulfil in every member of our community their full potential so they are able to ‘live life to the full’ and recognise that they are called to use their gifts and talents for the benefit of all.

We seek to do this by:

• providing a safe and secure environment where faith, prayer, compassion and reconciliation are visible in word and in action;

• providing an excellent education with a broad, balanced and creative curriculum which will allow everyone to discover their potential and to develop and share their unique talents;

• providing opportunities for all to be nourished and challenged both academically and spiritually in their respective beliefs;

• respecting and valuing the diversity of all, believing that everyone is created as a unique individual in the image of God;

• building a resilient community able to reach out and support others, both locally and globally;

• modelling through the Academy's policies, practices and values a concern to serve the common good, a heart for justice, a desire for reconciliation and the need to protect and sustain the environment.

We achieve this by creating a stimulating environment in which staff can deliver creative, challenging and imaginative courses. The curriculum will be relevant and tailored to the individual needs of all students and be of the highest possible quality.

Our new, up-to-date facilities provide not only a place of learning and discovery but also a centre to support family learning and community activity. The Academy will be outward-facing, building an expanding network of links locally, nationally and internationally with parents, parishes, schools, community groups, employers, colleges and the universities.

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