Pupil Premium 2016-17

PP Budget and Expenditure


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Pupil Premium Action Plan and Review 2016-17


Allocation for 2016-17 = £328,185

Number of students based on:  794

Number of eligible students:      351

Percentage PP:                         45% (44.58%)





Impact Evaluation

Senior Leadership and Management including AVP with responsibility for PP


Leadership role in ensuring that all staff actively support PP students in achieving at least their potential.

Leadership focus on all year groups. Embedded tracking and raising attainment levels & attendance in all year groups.

Staff responsibility for PP in English, Maths, Science, Humanities



(TLR2a £3.4k)

Appoint staff in term 6. Currently appointed staff in Humanities.

PP gap in core subjects and EBACC to fall below 10%

Lexia & Symphony



AVP responsibility






This intervention targets students who arrive at the academy at or below level 3.

With regular and monitored intervention, literacy and numeracy levels improve so that students can access the full curriculum.

Additional member of staff in PACE to support PP FTEs


To be appointed in Autumn 2016

PA PP attendance in all year groups to exceed 92%.

Significant reduction of FTEs.

Existing Pastoral Support Manager to support PP students



One of the two PSMs to solely focus on the day-to-day pastoral needs of PP students.

PA PP attendance in all year groups to exceed 92%

Recruit a Year 11 PP mentor (EH)


TLR2a £3.4k

Academic mentoring role, regular one-to-one meetings, liaison with home, target setting

Improved outcomes, improved PA attendance, effective link between parents, staff and students, greater uptake of after school revision sessions



Y11 rewards for attending the most revision sessions.

Y7 – Y10 rewards for improved ATL/HW scores after each STC.

Overall academy PP gap to fall below 10%.

PA PP attendance in Year 11 to exceed 92%.

Maths Tuition


Afternoon registration, after school revision and Living Well sessions utilised to support Y11 students.

Academy performance measures achieved in Maths.

PP gap in Maths to fall below 10%.

English Tuition


Afternoon registration, after school revision and Living Well sessions utilised to support Y11 students.

Academy performance measures achieved in English.

PP gap in English to fall below 10%.

Accelerated Reading


£500 (44% of annual cost)

This intervention provides PP students with improved access to reading books that they can take home.

Evidence in all lessons of confident readers.

Reading assessments show improvement of average reading age for PP in each year group.

PP entitlement package

- Years 7 - 11



£50 per student

Every PP student chooses from a menu of items that they require to support their learning.

e.g. school bag, equipment, reading book, etc.

PASS survey analysis of results highlights improved self-esteem and how students feel about learning.

PP GCSE package

- Years 10 & 11



£50 per student



PP students to be given revision books for each of their subjects at the start of Y10.


Y11 provided with books in 2016-17.

Homework grade STC analysis provides evidence of no significant gap between PP and non-PP.

Breakfast Club


Identified PP students provided with a breakfast every day for fixed periods.


Up to 15 students at any one time.

Improve PP and PA attendance.

Vulnerable students given nurturing and support time.



Currently, 100% of PACE cohort are PP.

Trend in permanent exclusions falls due to tailored curriculum and provision for those ‘at risk’.

Careers, Guidance and Support for PP in Y10 and Y11


(44% of JT/JP salary)

Y10 2016-17 = 81 students

Y11 2016-17 = 58 students

All PP in Y10 & Y11 provided with 1 hour of guidance/support each academic year.

Careers Trips


University trips to Oxford and Bristol for Y10 and Y11 PP students.

Raising aspirations from Y7 upwards.


60 students x £100


Y11 PP students supplied with refurbished lap-tops so that they can study at home

Improved quality of homework, better access to revision materials

Academic Trips


50% of the cost of compulsory trips are funded by the academy

100% attendance on trips.

Fully inclusive approach.

Attendance Officer


PP allocation to fund salary

Overall academy target to exceed 94% through intervention, monitoring and tracking by AO, AVPs and HOH.

The Rock


Targeted off-site intervention for disaffected students

Improved behaviour, attendance an ATL



Social and emotional support for vulnerable students

Vulnerable students’  to achieve at least 92% attendance

Response Money for individual PP students


Pastoral (uniform)

Catering ingredients


Vulnerable students’  to achieve at least 92% attendance

Brilliant Club


12 students @ £150 per head

£1K staff time

Widen access to highly-selective universities for pupils from under-represented groups.


University-style tutorials to small groups of students, which develop the knowledge, skills and ambition that help those students to secure places at highly-selective universities.

Elite Commando

(ex-army corporal to deliver)


Twenty Year 9 and Year 10 students attend weekly intervention in term 2.

Students selected to gain support with self-esteem, resilience and working in groups.