Sara Pascoe Review

ADD50524B7By Ciara Austin



Comedian and author Sara Pascoe has saved the entire works of Charles Dickens to read in case she has a serious accident or illness and is bed ridden for a significant period of time, which may give you an idea of the particular variety of brilliant and nonsensical that she is. Pascoe is a delightful combination of both interesting and interested. She appears to be perpetually hungry for a new read, for a new titbit of information.

Pascoe’s book, ‘’Animal; The Autobiography of a Female Anatomy” was the topic of the Q&A, hosted by the witty Alex Clarke. If biology and anthropology were to be taught by the mad hatter and Sandi Toksvig, I would imagine it would be similar to the experience I had at the festival. Fascinating information about how females have evolved, what makes us who we are, female sexuality and the gross inequality that is the Period.

Feminism and philosophy littered with soft self-deprecation in the form of unflattering anecdotes about her life thus far, presented with Pascoe’s own brand of silliness and awkwardness resonates with many, hence her very successful book sales and shows. Pascoe is a funny but misunderstood Hermione Granger in her anecdotes from her school days, something that many young women can relate to, the feeling of growing up knowing too many really interesting facts, but not knowing enough about boys.

Overall, the evening was entertaining, informative and above all else, incredibly funny, thanks to the enormous talent of Sara Pascoe.