Does celebrity culture have a positive or negative impact?

    Celebrity culture and their life are increasingly impacting on young adults by setting a false example of their body image and their life choices. We have been interviewing young adolescents to adults which have their own opinion on celebrity culture and how they’re impacting the society with their actions and choices.

    We spoke to three teachers, one year eight student and also a Sixth Former.

    Mr Aitchison said, “Celebrity culture is a travesty and damaging our society. I don’t follow celebrities online because I am too busy leading my own life instead of following the false shallowness of people.”

    We also asked him for his opinion on Miley Cyrus’ transformation; this is what he replied with, “She will do anything sensible as a business woman. She did something to get back when her career was over. She did it with a BANG! Celebrities do have an effect on my daily life personally because they create low self esteem in our young people, which discourages students to be confident.”

    Another teacher had a different view on celebrity culture, this was Mr Wright he had said, “They become too obsessed, they end up becoming celebrities without actually achieving anything. My opinion about Miley Cyrus’ transformation is that because she was brought up in Disney she was expected to be perfect and no one expected her becoming a rebel, so fair play to her.”

    There was also one Sixth Former that had a different opinion to both of the teachers. Tom said, “I think that celebrity culture is stupid and they are only good at their own thing. The only reason why I follow the celebrities is because there are few interesting things like how they live their rich life and get to do exciting things.”

    We asked him a couple of questions based on Miley Cyrus’ transformation and how celebrity life effects his life. This was Tom’s answer, “It’s not nice and she was better and prettier before. Now she is weird and has a bad influence on young people. Celebrities don’t have an effect on my life because I’m not really bothered about them.”

    In conclusion, celebrity culture divides opinion amongst youngsters and adults.

    What do you think? Do you indulge in celebrity culture?

    By Nicole, Jackson, Oliwia & Hazel