If you snooze, do you lose?

If you snooze, do you lose?


Hours of sleep needed


9 hours, 15 minutes


9 hours 30/45 minutes


10-10 hours 45 minutes


11 hours

Many people are curious about sleep. How much sleep should you get? How much does it actually effect you if you don’t get enough sleep? Does a daytime nap effect you? To investigate this we conducted a survey and interviewed teachers and students about how many hours of sleep they get and their opinions on sleep.

The research suggests that the correct amount of sleep you should get according to the NHS is 9 hours for 14-16 years. Also, scientists have discovered that a lack of sleep leads to poor performance at work and disrupts family life. Plus, in a 2008 study found that a 45 minute daytime nap can improve memory function. But if you have some sort of sleep disorder, even if a nap seems good for you it actually is bad. It is counterproductive, so before you curl up on your bed for a little nap think about what you are doing and stop. Natalia, a student from All Saints’ Academy stated “I think that not having enough sleep makes you lose energy throughout the day and sleep is important in school life to help you concentrate in your lessons.”

Our survey implies that most students aged 11- 16 get 6-10 hours of sleep which is the same as NHS sleep regulations but some get 0-5 hours of sleep which is below the regulations, this can affect how you act and speak towards others and also how much work you get done. One of the students, Alex, said “I think it is important that you get 8+ hours of sleep because you can focus in class and feel refreshed. One of our science teachers Mr Mudge stated “I think sleep is very important, affects your mood and how you act, you struggle to concentrate without enough sleep.” Teachers mostly get 6-10 hours of sleep and a few get 0-5. This can therefore affect their mood and how well they teach their lessons. It will also affect their tolerance of bad behaviour. We asked teachers and students what jobs they thought people needed to sleep the most for and Mrs Gibbs said “I think sleep is important for engineering and types of work in power plants.”

By Sophie and Reece