Within the umbrella of Design & Technology lives GCSE Engineering; available to years 10 and 11. This is a two year full award course that requires students to create a portfolio of a designed product in response to a client-driven need; a made object, derived from a set or sets of engineering drawings and a formal terminal examination.

This is very much a practical hands-on course, aimed at those with an enquiring mind and a passion for finding out things work. Students can expect to be spending the majority of their time working on detailed design drawings, either on paper or via the more contemporary method of 2D and 3D CAD software. When not designing they are usually making a working product prototype, from a range of materials.

However, there is a more academic side to the course and this is delivered through fortnightly theory sessions with attached homework. Students are expected to be able to “engineer for success”; using the 6Rs and be able to account for their design choices.

Finally, this is a demanding course but one that students who make the effort, can reap large rewards.