Travel and Tourism

TRAVEL & TOURISM BTEC Level 3 National Subsidiary Diploma

This course is a great introduction for anyone wanting to work in the Travel and Tourism industry. The course is designed to give all-round knowledge of the industry so that students can embark on a wide variety of careers after finishing the course. As well as knowledge, students will gain a wealth of skills that will be invaluable in the workplace.

Travel and tourism can lead to careers in the hospitality industry and well as directly in the Tourism industry. This includes working in hotels, restaurants, on cruise ships, airliners and ferries, travel agencies, car hire agencies or as a receptionist. Travel and tourism opens up a huge number of jobs due to its breadth as a subject. Additionally Travel and Tourism BTEC Level three can lead onto further study at university.


Over the two years the course is split 50/50 with three full units being completed in Year 12 and three in Year 13. The course is entirely coursework based and continuously assessed over two years. Within these two years you will study; the UK as a destination, Europe, long haul holidays, customer service and the business of travel and tourism. You will be assessed through a variety of means, role-plays, presentations, posters, leaflets, reports and maps.


Ideally grade 5 in English & Maths.