Philosophy & Ethics


The study of Philosophy and Ethics at A-Level is engaging, academically rigorous and excellent preparation for a wide range of courses at degree level. The subject involves a study of philosophical, theological and ethical theories which underpin and structure our world today.

The aims of this course are to study core philosophical, theological and ethical theories and learn to evaluate them critically. Through the study of Philosophy and Ethics you will develop the ability to formulate and structure an argument, identify and draw out weaknesses and to express your opinions logically and with precision.

We study AS and A2 AQA Religious Studies:
Philosophy & Ethics. This challenging A level course will excite you and broaden your mind. It looks at how ethical theories can be put into practice and explores the strengths and weaknesses. Issues of the problems of evil are addressed and opinions are welcomed as part of class debates. You will also get the chance to discuss religion, gender and sexuality, religion and science, religion and secularisation, religion and religious pluralism to name but a few.

The course is excellent preparation for university, as we encourage learning through discussion, engagement with famous primary texts and independent research. Philosophy and Ethics is highly regarded by universities and is excellent preparation for degrees in Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies, PPE Sociology and Law.
Graduates in these subjects may go on to careers in Law, Civil Service, Foreign Office and Teaching.

The Ethical theories studied in this A Level are also highly relevant to degrees in Medicine, Science and Business.

Course Outline

  • Philosophy
  • Arguments for the existence of God
  • Evil and suffering
  • Religious experience
  • Ethics
  • Ethical theories
  • Issues of human life and death
  • Issues of animal life and death
  • Christianity
  • Sources of wisdom and authority
  • God/gods/ultimate reality
  • Life after death
  • Key moral principles
  • Religious identity
  • Assessment

Examination Options:
1. If students wish to be entered for the AS they will be examined at the end of the first year. They will be
awarded an AS grade for this. If they then wish to continue and complete a second year to complete the full A-Level they can do. If students choose to do this they will then be examined at the end of the second year and the result of this exam alone will amount to the overall grade (overriding the AS grade).
2. If students wish to be entered for the full A-Level they will only be examined in 2019.


• GCSE Grade 6 in English and another humanities subject.
• A strong interest in religion and a good general education.