Performing Arts (Dance)


This course will allow you to further develop your existing dance skills and knowledge in various styles including Contemporary, Jazz and Urban Dance. It will help prepare you for careers in performing arts, dance, physical theatre, musical theatre, teaching,
choreography, community dance, performance, dance and journalism.

You will gain confidence performing and developing choreography from a range of sources and inspirations.

Course Outline

The course is a predominantly practical exploration of dance, although there is a theoretical element. Students will work through various units, focussing on different
aspects of performance, such as choreographing dance, applying contemporary dance technique, jazz and urban dance.

Each unit will involve workshops in various styles, own choreographic development, group work and numerous performance opportunities.


Assignments/units are explored over the two years. Assessments take the form of performances, choreography, written log books showing inspirations, progression and research, practical observations and presentations.

Students will be graded with a Pass, Merit or Distinction for each unit which will determine an overall grade.


BTEC Level 1/2 Dance.
Grade 5 English GCSE.
Experience in dance to a good standard.