Film Studies


The AS/A specification in Film Studies is designed to deepen students understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of film, the major art form of the twentieth century, and one developing new modes of expression and exhibition in the first decades of the twenty-first century. The specification builds on the cineliteracy learners have developed informally since childhood. They will also engage with a wide range of different kinds of films, developing skills of observation, critical analysis and personal reflection, as well as developing their creativity and practical skills, either in audio-visual or written form. A variety of forms of assessment are used, with the intention of producing imaginative, active learners. Careers in Journalism, Television, Radio, Advertising, Music Industry and of course Film itself.


AS: 40% coursework, 60% exam
A2: 30% coursework 70% exam combined with the marks from A2

AS; Exploring Film Form
One analysis of how the micro aspects of a chosen extract from a film of candidate’s choice produce
meanings and responses (1500 words)
One creative project based on a film sequence or short film.

A2; Film Research and Creative Projects
A small-scale research project (an annotated catalogue and 1500 word script)
Creative project (short film extract)


C or preferably higher in Media Studies, Film Studies or English Literature.