Business Studies


OCR Cambridge Technical in Business will provide the opportunity for students to explore the world of business in an academic and highly practical and topical way. This business course focuses heavily on topical business news and events, which also links closely with politics. Students will develop an understanding of how businesses are constructed and how areas of business must co-ordinate together as part of team. For example; Human Resources, Marketing, Finance & Accounts, Economics, Law, Business Management, Event Management and Sales.

There will be a range of practical activities such as; meeting and working as part of an HR team, planning and running a business, organising an event and setting up a website. There will be visits to local and national businesses. There is an optional Business Studies trip to New York in Year 13. Future career pathways include degrees in Business,
Law, Finance/Accounting and Management.

Apprenticeships in Business and full time employment in Business - areas such as Marketing, Sales, Finance, Customer Service, Events Management, Human Resources, Administration and Retail.


Year 12:
1 exam and 1 piece of coursework
Unit 1 – Investigating People at Work (exam) 66%
Unit 8 – Human Resources (coursework) 33%
Year 13
Unit 2 – Working in Business (exam) 33%
Unit 5 – Marketing (coursework) 33%
Unit 4 – Customers and Communications (coursework)


• Students with a Distinction in Business for; NCFE and BTEC Level 2 or a B grade at GCSE Business.
• Students who haven’t studied Business will be assessed on their individual merits and require a grade 6 or above in English and Maths.