Applied Science


If you enjoy learning about the way the world works, the way you work and how science is used in the ‘real world’ then Applied Science is the course for you. Applied Science allows you to continue with learning about a broad range of science topics which will provide you with the opportunity to develop the appropriate skills, knowledge and understanding to be able to apply these to where science is used. The course will also enable you to appreciate and evaluate the social, economic and environmental
impact that scientific work has on society and identify any ethical issues that may arise.

By taking Applied Science you will become equipped with the knowledge and skills to carry out further study on a course in science, or related subject or for further
training in a science-related occupation. You will be prepared for future study and careers
by completing your own research, carrying out case studies on science-related companies and by developing thinking skills and organisational skills to allow you to work independently.

Course Outline

• The AS is a one year course which comprises of
three units of work.
• The A Level is a two year course which comprises
of six units of work which will be internally and
externally assessed.


• The AS is assessed after one year with one written exam lasting 1 hour 30 minutes and two internally assessed coursework portfolios. Each piece of assessment carries equal weighting.
• The A Level is assessed after year one and year two with two written exams, lasting 1 hour 30 minutes each and four internally assessed coursework portfolios. Each piece of assessment carried equal weighting.


GCSE Grade C in Science or BTEC Pass grade in Science. GCSE Grade 5 in English and Maths.