The Sunday Times Election Review

1B0B6D74E6By Josh Domm


“A Titanic that keeps hitting icebergs but just won’t sink”

This was what an American journalist described Donald Trump as the other night at The Sunday Times US Election Review at the Cheltenham Literature festival. Following the exposure of inappropriate tapes featuring US presidential candidate Donald Trump the panel, featuring Sunday Times Deputy Editor Sarah Baxter, American commentator Thomas Frank and Sky anchor and columnist Adam Boulton with Sunday Times Executive Editor Eleanor Mills, tore apart the billionaire businessman and stated that there is no way he can now possibly win.

This evening, dedicated to the Emmy award worthy drama of the US election, highlighted many topics which are quite sickening to think are still around in the 21st century and the possible outcomes following the next resident of the White House. 

It saddened me (and certainly the lady sat in front of me from Philadelphia, who spent most of the evening vigorously shaking her head every time Trump's name, along with his misogynistic and degrading comments about women and non-Americans were mentioned), that this entire election race has exposed the sexism and racism that is still evident in society. The statistics have shown that many of Trump's voters are uneducated white men; this just emphasizes the importance of educating the world about equality and that race, gender, sexual orientation or religion does not lesser a person. We need to embrace each other’s differences not squash, degrade and segregate them as Donald Trump has and will continue to do. I plead to the American public that this is a man that simply cannot be given one of the most powerful seats in the world. What does this teach the younger generation?

As Hillary said during the first debate, a man that can be provoked by a tweet is not a man that should have access to nuclear launch codes. If Trump is to get into power, the global impacts of this could be severe. A man who idolises Vladimir Putin and Kim Jon Un, has brought into question America’s place in NATO and has proposed building a wall on the boarder of Mexico after branding all of them as rapists, thieves and murders, is certainly not one who promotes international peace. We could see a Global Brexit like event where all of the unity countries have worked to build could fall apart.

Another thought that was brought up in the discussion, is that despite everyone putting down Trump, nobody seems to be emphasising Hillary’s good qualities. The people need to accept that one of these two people are going to be running the country and surely the lesser of two evils is Hillary. So why spend all your time putting her down too? It shows that we as people are much quicker to pick apart someone’s faults than find a way to compliment them; this is something that needs to change. “Stronger together” as Hillary says.

Despite this political vote being in a different country with the Atlantic Ocean between us it will have an impact on our lives in the long run. Pay attention to the news over the next month, especially the 8th of November when voting day takes place. Vote well America #ImWithHer